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In life it's either you accept yourself, or live through acceptation of someone else.

What I Want.,.

i want one thing that’ll last longer
than a picture.
I yearn for understanding
and spirituality connections
between a opened minded individual,
I thrive for the touch
of security, serenity, & comfort.
i long for acceptance
from one person that makes everyone else feel invisible .
i dream a dream of a reality
that isn’t real.
a dream that I only can chase in my dream,
that I can only feel in a daydream
or on the darkest of the coldest fall nights.
I chase for the fight,
for the gift of a friendship that will
never end, the soft
reminder that I’m missed, that I’m longed for that I’m needed;
just as I need, long and miss you .
i cry; yet tears never leave my eyes
water hits this paper and dry up in words.
I demand to receive what I give out,
50/50 not 80/20.
I desire a laugh that is contagious,
a smile that beautiful, a personality that even if I go blind I could still
see what you are
i want what Nicholas sparks
can say his books immortalized,
what other people admire and crave,
I urge the touch that sends
chills down my spine and goosebumps on my neck,
i aspire for the intellectually conversation and long nights outs
with someone that shows that
when I’m not around they want me there
as much as I long,
I aspire,
I want,
I urge,
I desire,
I cry,
I demand,
I yearn and I dream to be.
I’ve never met someone that equally represented exactly what exited their
mouth but something in my knows that someone is out there
making mistakes, having success
& learning experiences
all crafted to be for me.
I have patience that
the real thing
doesn’t turn away or give up
so neither shall I.


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Marchesa | Spring 2015 | Details

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Sailor on the Shore, 31.8 x 40.9 cm, Acrylic on canvas



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